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We tried over 2000 foreign wines and chose the best so you don't have to.

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What our subscribers are saying

We know that we can always count on the wines from our wine club shipment for celebrations and special occasions, even if it's our first time trying them!

Lauren R,
San Luis Obispo, CA

So far everything has been VERY UNIQUE which being from the bay area is a breath of fresh air.

Warren M,
Oakland, CA

Bliss Wine Club represents a very well-curated collection of wines that you simply won't find anywhere else, and varietals and blends that you probably haven't ever heard of, let alone tried.

Steve B,
San Diego, CA

Best wine club I've joined. I've been gifting bottles to wine fanatics I know, and they've had great responses.

Tim R,
Portland, OR

Hand picked pleasure! I struggle with ongoing stomach ​issues and after drinking a bottle of wine from Bliss I am able to comfortably enjoy wine again!!!

Beth D,
Burlington, VT

Bliss sends me consistently great wines, but the best part is being exposed to wines I never in a million years would have known about without being in the club!

Alex A,
Sonoma, CA

Manuel Moraga

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Winery: Cacique Maravilla
Location: Bio Bio, Chile

Manuel is a 7th-generation winemaker at his vineyard. Yes, 7th-generation! His ancestor was a conquistador that actually had a wonderful relationship with the local people. They gave him the nickname Cacique Maravilla: wonderful leader. His Pais vines today are original, over 250 years old! Today, Manuel still farms the land and makes wine in an old school way. In a time where natural winemaking is becoming popular, Manuel is just doing what he always has. His style is a little crazy, but it's also awesome!



Andrey Ivanov, Advanced Sommelier

Having been a sommelier for 10 years, I've traveled wide and far in search for the best wines. I discovered Bliss in Europe, joined their team, and have never looked back. I've helped them curate a world-class portfolio of dry farmed wines that are made in such small production you can only get them though our wine club, small network of restaurants, and specialty shops. The best thing about organically dry farmed wines is that there is no water or chemicals used in the farming process, meaning more concentrated berries that make the tastiest wine you can buy. Cheers!